Friday, December 13, 2013


Hello Beloveds!

Wow, the energies have been really intense lately!  I have an awareness that we, as a collective consciousness, are on the verge of another upgrade, activating on Winter Solstice.  As more light information and higher frequencies are anchored to the world grid through the points of light consciousness we be, it is required that more third density baggage be cleared to make space for the new.  What this means is more intense spiritual clearings, and more awareness coming through.

Spiritual clearings can take the form of physical illness, emotional meltdowns, intellectual confusion, spiritual crisis, loss of home, job, or relationship, or even leaving the physical body.  There is no judgement of the form it takes.  The soul seeks to learn and grow, freeing itself from the binds of lower vibrational frequencies.

As the denser layers are shed--as we have been doing all throughout this year of the Snake--our increased spaciousness allows for more information, more consciousness, more awareness to be received.  The increased awareness is not always comfortable.  Especially in the presence of a lack of allowance.

It is my deepest wish for you to experience this time of renewed shift, during the Dark and Holy Days, with infinite Grace and Ease.  I know I can help release some of the energetic heaviness that you have been picking up on lately, and I want to help, so that's why I am offering you this Solstice gift of 1/3 off my services...


From now until Winter Solstice, when you purchase a one-hour private session with me, you will also receive a bonus half-hour remote tune-up session at no extra charge.  That's a $90 value for $60!

Or, save even more money by buying 2 one-hour sessions with me, for a reduced rate, AND receive a bonus half-hour remote tune-up as well!  That's a $150 value for only $100!

I really want to help you bust through the holiday blues, so although you must act before Solstice to get these great deals, you may book appointments up until January 8th.  If you even THINK you might be feeling low between now and then, I encourage you to buy a session or two now, as you can use them until the 8th.

(Also, my rates are set to increase a bit in the New Year, so this is a great time to get in on not only 2013 prices, but 2013 prices on sale!)

This deal is for any client, new or returning, in-person or remote.  This deal is for anyone desiring more ease, more grace, more comfort and joy!

Call or text me now to get in on this deal, as appointments and time is limited.  Mention Comfort & Joy to receive these special 1/3 off pricing.  Call me at 503-548-7691 or email at and let me know how I can help you!  It is my deepest honor to hold this loving space for you.

Many Bright Blessings,

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