Hello Movement Artist!

Are you looking to create more grace, fluidity and strength in your body?  Would you like your practice to fulfill you with authentic movement from the inside out?

My name is Tatiana and I'm the creator of this juicy mash-up of movement art that I call YogAdagio!

YogAdagio is a blending of yoga and dance, specifically slow, flowing movements.  Elements include Vinyasa yoga, modern dance, and lyrical jazz.

The word adagio is Italian in origin and means "slowly" (literally "at ease") and used in western classical music and dance to indicate pieces that are to be played or danced slowly.

 The focus of YogAdagio is on strength, balance, grace, and fluidity.  We work slowly enough for you to follow along, but we keep moving and avoid holding static postures.

By focusing on seamless and soulful transitions, we flow through different body positions and through this flow, the whole sequence, the whole class, becomes our dance.

I've designed the class with sequences that are repeated -- similar to martial art forms, or dance choreography -- so that once you know the sequence, you can focus on refining the quality of your movements without wondering about what comes next.

Sequences include standing and floor work, usually moving from one to the other.  As we practice the work organically changes and grows.  Some sequences will shift, others will pass away to make space for the new.

All of life is a dance, and in YogAdagio we reflect this truth and learn to flow through transition with ease and grace and strength.

The practice that I've created is the class I would love to take if anyone else was offering it.  It's based on a life-long passion of movement arts, combines some of my all-time fave moves,  and I'm excited to share it with you!

For more information on class schedule and rates, please go to the YogAdagio page at:

I hope you'll check it out and stay tuned for updates by subscribing to the page, or liking YogAdagio on facebook.

Thanks for stopping by!

I hope to see you in class sometime!

Yours in Mindful Movement,

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