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My name is Tatiana, and some of my creations include a multi-modality energy medicine practice, a wellness studio in southeast Portland called Canopy, and a fusion movement art called YogAdagio

I am also the facilitator for a series of courses in Lightworker Training that I developed myself to share with people the many tools I've learned that I use in my private practice.

I grew up near the shores of Lake Superior, surrounded by woods, just outside of Marquette, Michigan.  I spent countless hours as a child playing by myself outside in nature.  I had an oak tree friend named Sadie.

I have been a dancer all my life and have been practicing yoga since 1994.  In YogAdagio I have fused my two movement art loves into one challenging and fun practice.  You can read more about it on the YogAdagio page here.

The energy work piece of my practice came to me in 2007.  While I was in the hospital with a serious illness, I was literally called to awaken.  It has been quite an adventure in doing the work ever since then!  I started with Dowsing, then came Pranic Healing (in which I completed all four levels and practiced intensely for about 3 years), then came additional tools through Shamanic Healing, Access Consciousness, Theta Healing, Co-Creation, and the 2-Point Method.  Now I use this combination of modalities to clear energetic blocks, intrusions, congestion, programming, and entities for my clients or their spaces, replacing the energies that no longer serve them with energies that do.

I consider the work I do to be sacred and therefore felt it was appropriate to become an ordained minister.  The healing ministry I practice is part of my contribution to the world and includes ceremony work.  I find ceremony to be powerful and beautiful.  Even as a child, I loved ceremonial rituals, participating in church services as an acolyte (the one who brings a lighted staff through the sanctuary, lights the candles on the altar at the beginning of the service, then reverses the process at the end of the service.)  These days I participate in sacred circle work, personal rituals, earth healings, community clinics, blessings, and celebrant work.

I currently live in Portland, Oregon with my sweetheart and our doggie friend.  When I'm not taking care of them or my clients, you can usually find me teaching YogAdagio, holding space at my wellness studio, Canopy, shopping at Krueger's Farm Stand on Hawthorne, getting my butted kicked in Tracey Durbin's Jazz class at Bodyvox, getting my serpentine on at Sedona Soulfire's belly dance classes at Datura, or getting a massage from Becca Ellis at Flower of Life.

Thank you for stopping by!  If you'd like to work together or chat about the work, please feel free to call me at:  503-548-7691.

Love & Blessings,

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