I am a multi-modality energy medicine practitioner who specializes in helping you be more of your magical self!

I consider myself a facilitator.  I hold the truth of you as already being perfect and help you to shift energy and conscious awareness toward the state of perfection that you already be.

I believe we all have the inherent ability to realize and experience health and wholeness ourselves if we can get out of our own way, releasing sub-conscious energetic blocks, and bringing awareness to areas where we may be carrying emotional baggage, old trauma imprints, or limiting beliefs.

By creating more lightness and space in our being, the energy is able to flow and shift back into balance.  From this place of ease, our bodies/minds/spirits naturally heal and return to a state of grace, glory, and radiant health.

An interesting thing that I became aware of as I opened to this work was that for a long time, as a natural healer, I took on other people's toxic energies, and even toxic earth energies, in an unconscious attempt to heal them.  I was sacrificing my own well-being to do what I subconsciously believed to be helpful to others.  Can you relate?  Can you feel the insane heaviness of that?

As I delved deeper into my life patterns, got curious, and asked questions, that heaviness shifted.  Following the energy, I slowly started to release fixed beliefs I had that were keeping unhealthy patterns of behavior locked in place.  My personal process with the work unfolds continuously, and interestingly enough, the more I've focused on helping myself instead of others, and the more I practice compassionate detachment, the more I've been able to facilitate healing for others!  Go figure! 

I'm happy and grateful to be able to share some of the tools and techniques that have helped me to be more of the joy, peace, and ease that I have deeply desired to contribute to the world.  I know I truly AM this contribution, and I know you are, too!

Some of the methods I've studied and practiced that I may draw upon during a session include:  Pranic Healing, Shamanic Healing, Access Consciousness Clearings, Theta Healing, Compassionate Space Holding, Co-Creative Healing, and Two-Pointing.

I can energetically scan and give you information on your physical body, foods or medications, your energy body, unconscious programs or beliefs, toxic earth energies, negative energies in spaces, entities and psychic intrusions, or any number of things.  With this information you'll have the awareness to be able to make choices that create more ease in your life.  I can also give you simple yet powerful tools to use yourself to facilitate the energy shift you wish to create.  Together we can clear out the heaviness and blocks that have been holding you back from being the bright shiner you truly are!

A really cool thing about my work is that I am able to facilitate healing for clients in person or remotely, so distance and mobility is not an issue!  You can receive the benefits of energy medicine in the comfort of your home!

My work is a good fit for you if any of the following apply:

-you are ready to release the thoughts, pain, and emotions which no longer serve you.
-you are ready to rise and expand into the next level of being.
-you are extra sensitive to environments, energies, or other people's emotions.
-you are a health care professional, holistic practitioner, care giver, or service-oriented person.
-you are feeling burnt-out, depressed, frazzled, or stressed.
-you desire more ease, joy, and vitality.
-you feel like you may be carrying psychic baggage, intrusions, or inappropriate attachments.
-you have done a lot of inner work, but you could use some help with clearing a stuck pattern.
-you have a curiosity about what else could be possible!

These are intense times we're living in.  If you feel crazy, you are not alone!  It can be such a relief to be reminded that you're not alone and to discover that a lot of what you're feeling is very common and much of it isn't even yours!  Are you ready and willing to release whatever may be blocking you from being your most expansive and joyful self?

If this feels right for you, please consider booking a session with me.  Trust that you know when it's right and take the steps to action.  I would love to be of service.  For more info on pricing and packages, go to the Rates and Services page here.

For a free 15 minute phone consultation to see if this work would be a good fit for you, or to book a session,  please call 503-548-7691.

Remember, you are loved.

Bright Blessings,

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