Monday, February 10, 2014



Whoo-weee!  It has been an INTERESTING week!

Some curious beings and energies have been showing up on my radar, there's been a lot of intense emotions flowing, and Portland, the beautiful town I live in, has been covered in snow and ice, slowing or halting travel, all in time with Mercury going retrograde on Thursday!  As I was enjoying an extended visit with out-of-town guests who were snow-bound and stranded, I started musing on what was being activated in the collective consciousness.  I remembered this piece I read by Emily Trinkaus at Virgo Magic:

"This Retrograde wants you to re-imagine your dream for the future; reconnect with the psychic, mystical, magical, all-knowing part of yourself; replenish your well of inspiration; and regenerate your faith in humanity. This is a time for dissolving old perceptions and perspectives, freeing your mind from illusions that block you from living your truth, from bringing forth your genius and sharing your gifts with the world."
And I started to open to and KNOW how I could be of service!  It is my calling and joy to assist my clients and empower my students with the tools that clear blocks to the expression of their most expansive and empowered selves, including: releasing old programs, beliefs and patterns, clearing energies from all lives and time/spaces that no longer serve, multi-dimensional depossessions, soul/self/life force energy retrievals, and downloading and integrating programs and frequencies from Source consciousness! 

So, how cool is it that I have the tools that can assist with exactly the kind of spiritual work supported by the cosmos at this time?!
Are you ready to free your mind from the illusions that block you from living your truth?
Are you ready to bring forth your genius and share your gifts with the world?
In honor and celebration of the powerful astrology of the new lunar year, Venus direct, and Mercury retrograde, AND to support you in the journey to YOUR truth, YOUR power, and YOUR joy, I am happy to announce my latest special offering:
From now through the end of February, when you purchase this limited time package deal, you get:
  • One 2-hour private session of counselling and energy work 
  • Three 90 minute private sessions of energy work
  • The complete Land-Clearing Ceremonies
  • Availability for in-person, or remote via phone or video call sessions
  • A total value of $521 for only $333!
What if you could start stepping into your truth and power NOW, and be ready to hit the ground running when the divine timing of the cosmos is in alignment?

Now is the perfect time to get really clear about who you are, and what your vision is!  That's why I am including the beautiful, highly effective, and permanent Land-Clearing Ceremonies as part of the package, so that not only will you have clarity in your self, but also in your surroundings, so that your home can be a healing sanctuary and a contribution to you in your journey.

The regular price for just the private sessions would be over $400, so it's like getting a great discount on sessions, PLUS the Land-Clearing for free!

Please take a moment to check in with yourself and feel if this would be a contribution to you.  If so, call me for a consultation at 503-548-7691.

Another cool thing:  Although this special DREAM PACKAGE offer will expire on February 28th, you can book the sessions included with your package until the end of March!

This deadline ensures you have plenty of time to schedule, balanced with the importance of having regular and frequent appointments to keep the momentum going!  I highly recommend starting as soon as possible to best take advantage of the planetary influences, but of course, think it through!  (I'm winking at you, Mercury!)

If you're ready to use Mercury retrograde to your best advantage, and ready to say YES to living your truth and your vision, call me at 503-548-7691 for a consultation and to get your DREAMING A NEW YOU PACKAGE for the magical price of $333!

I look forward to witnessing your dreams, visions, and expansion into your most creative and joyful self ever!

In Gratitude & Service,

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