Monday, January 6, 2014



I'm really excited about this!  I designed this amazing package for in-person clients with the New Year in mind!  If you're really ready to invest in yourself and the change you want to be, I highly recommend this package!

You get:
- an hour intro/counselling session 
- 4 weekly hour-long sessions
- 4 weekly 1/2 hour remote tune-ups between sessions
- 4 weekly drop-in passes to the Clear & Grounded circle
- a total value of $500 (at the 2013 rate)!

All this can be yours for the special New Year price of only $300!  That's a huge savings!  

I really want to help you start shifting out-moded patterns NOW, so this offer is only available through the end of January!  Let's DO THIS!

Are you willing to spend $10 a day to activate your magic?  You probably spend more than that on coffee or parking!  By spending money (one of the most potent energetic tools in the world right now) for your self-development, you create an energetic activation that ripples out into the universe and starts the process of transformation.  

When you commit yourself this way, trust me, things will shift.  Big time.

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