Thursday, October 30, 2014


I'm super excited to announce a new four-week workshop series that will be launching on November 22nd with the new moon!  Just in time for holiday craziness, here's a lil somethin to keep you sane!

I invite you to join me on the conference line each Saturday from 11 to noon Pacific time for an hour of transformative energy!  You can attend from anywhere as long as you have a phone!

Each week as we journey through the 4 elements, you will receive guided meditations and energetic tools from my practice that you can use yourself to create more consciousness of yourself as an infinite being.  You will also receive the opportunity to share your experiences with the group or ask questions.

All registrants will have access to recordings of the calls, so even if you are unable to attend one  or more of the calls live, you can listen to them at your leisure!

AND, because I want you to experience more joy and ease and grace and SPACIOUSNESS this holiday season, I am offering this workshop BY DONATION!

To register, click on the button below and I'll look forward to connecting with you on the conference line!

Friday, September 19, 2014


Come get cozy with us out at The Sou'wester this coming Tuesday and Wednesday for a mid-week retreat for Autumnal Equinox!

Tuesday from 4 to 7 pm: Happy Hour Healing!
Erin Leckenby & Yours Truly, Tatiana Sakurai bring powerful mini sessions of life coaching tarot tools and energy clearings and downloads to the main Lodge.

Tuesday from 8 to 10 pm: New Moon Fire Rituals & Sauna Blessing!
Tatiana & Erin get into Priestess Mode to bless the Sou'Wester's NEW SAUNA, and to co-create individual blessings, clearings, and fire rituals in honor of the New Moon for all attendees. 

Wednesday all day: Erin & Tatiana offer private sessions for individual clients with discounts for guests. (the lovely Lena Kassof is available for massage appointments, too!)

Wednesday evening: live music in the main lodge featuring Michael Hurley, Shelley Short, and Big Diver!

Saturday, April 19, 2014



If you're anything like us, you've been feeling the energies really RAMP UP in the last couple weeks and this week marks the pinnacle of the Grand Cardinal Cross vibes that have been pushing our limits.

That's why we are bringing in TWO MORE priestesses to hold down the four directions and assist you with any relaxation, release, guidance, clearing, or energizing you may require. We are ALL being asked to step up and play a bigger game. The revolutionary seed that was planted in the 60's with the Pluto-Uranus conjunction is pushing to BURST THROUGH the soil as we are now in the cycle where the first square is being formed! Expect to be a revolutionary!

And we know from personal experience, being a revolutionary can sometimes require assistance, retreat & renewal, so that we can replenish the well of energy that feeds our work. That energy is love. And we are here to remind you it is INFINITE.

So, come on down for some reminders, some relaxation, and some sweet community in honor of this momentous Grand Cardinal Cross. We will be feeling these energies in our collective through at least next year, but the consequences of our thoughts and feelings, and the energy, space, and consciousness we BE at this time will be felt for many years to come. Let's make it awesome!


- REPRESENTING AIR: Erin Leckenby of Healing Magic of the Future, offering tarot tools life coaching to empower your knowingness.

- REPRESENTING FIRE: Tatiana Sakurai, Resident Priestess of Canopy, offering energy work to transmute that which no longer serves you.

- REPRESENTING WATER: Becca Ellis of Flower of Life Massage, offering magical massage to bring you back to a place of flow.

- REPRESENTING EARTH: Amy Terepka of Groundwater Traditional Healing Arts, offering plant medicine in the wellness bar to nourish your body temple.

Saturday, March 15, 2014


What does that mean, holding space?  And how do we do that, hold space for people to make a shift, be more conscious, release suffering?  Some of the concepts around detached compassion for others came up in student practicum today, so I felt inspired to share this piece I wrote up for a client of mine.  I think this is a reminder we can all use!  May it be of service to you!


I hold a loving space for every being's empowerment and evolution and release the need to heal them or sacrifice myself for them

I am the energy, space, and consciousness that perceives and acknowledges the light and shadow in all beings and knows it is all in divine perfect order. 

I know it is by each being's free will as a powerful creator that they are choosing life lessons that best serve them, and as I live this truth, I encourage others to step into their truths and become the fully self-realized creators that they truly BE! 

It is by loving myself, caring for myself and honoring myself in this way, that I love, care for, and honor All That Is.

-Tatiana Sakurai, 2014

Thursday, February 27, 2014


A new 6-week session is due to begin on March 23rd!  Learn how to do energy work based on my unique integration of multiple modalities AND get a substantial discount on tuition if you register early!

Lightworker Training ::  Level One :: White Light

In this six-week course, you will learn what I consider the basics, which in some modalitites are taught as separate or advanced classes.  You will get all the tools you need to work with white light in performing simple, yet profound, healing for yourself or others.

Here's what you'll be learning:

  - Invocation 
  - Journeying 
  - Cutting cords 
  - Sensing & differentiating different energies 
  - Aura and chakra clearing & anatomy
  - Energetic hygiene & self-care 
  - Channeling energy safely and with intention 

Classes are participatory.  You will learn by doing with me there to guide and assist you every step of the way.  You will also have access to the studio during student practicum hours to practice what you've learned.

Registration is required.  Class size is limited to 8 people maximum to ensure lots of guidance and time with me.  Classes are spread out over the course of 6 weeks to give students ample time to assimilate the information and work with the tools.

Here's what you'll receive with your tuition:

 - Instruction in 6 two-hour classes that meet weekly 
 - A private one-on-one mentoring session with me that may be scheduled any time  
 - Access to student practicum hours at the wellness studio which are attended by me
 - Continuing Education Units for LMTs (13- 25 hours!)
 - A Certificate of Completion - Special student discounts on other services
 - Access to a private Facebook group

Classes are held at my beautiful wellness studio, Canopy, on Sunday afternoons.  Student practicum hours are available 2-3 times per week for you to come and practice with me there to guide you.  Attendance of all classes and demonstration of skills is required before advancing to Level 2 :: The 12 Rays.  Classes can be made up through private sessions with me.  

If you think this work might be a good fit for you, please don't hesitate to call me for a free consultation.

The tuition investment for this 6-week course that could change your life is $450 at the regular tuition rate, which is an amazing value, considering all the personal attention you can receive from me, but if you act by March 9th, you can get all this for only $333!

Not only that, I am so passionate about helping you get the energetic tools to empower yourself and improve your practice, that I am offering payment plans, so it's even EASIER to step into Lightwork and the contribution you so desire to BE in the world today!
For consultations, or questions, you can reach me, Tatiana at 503-548-7691.  My deepest joy comes from helping you discover your hidden talents!

Infinite Love,

Monday, February 10, 2014



Whoo-weee!  It has been an INTERESTING week!

Some curious beings and energies have been showing up on my radar, there's been a lot of intense emotions flowing, and Portland, the beautiful town I live in, has been covered in snow and ice, slowing or halting travel, all in time with Mercury going retrograde on Thursday!  As I was enjoying an extended visit with out-of-town guests who were snow-bound and stranded, I started musing on what was being activated in the collective consciousness.  I remembered this piece I read by Emily Trinkaus at Virgo Magic:

"This Retrograde wants you to re-imagine your dream for the future; reconnect with the psychic, mystical, magical, all-knowing part of yourself; replenish your well of inspiration; and regenerate your faith in humanity. This is a time for dissolving old perceptions and perspectives, freeing your mind from illusions that block you from living your truth, from bringing forth your genius and sharing your gifts with the world."
And I started to open to and KNOW how I could be of service!  It is my calling and joy to assist my clients and empower my students with the tools that clear blocks to the expression of their most expansive and empowered selves, including: releasing old programs, beliefs and patterns, clearing energies from all lives and time/spaces that no longer serve, multi-dimensional depossessions, soul/self/life force energy retrievals, and downloading and integrating programs and frequencies from Source consciousness! 

So, how cool is it that I have the tools that can assist with exactly the kind of spiritual work supported by the cosmos at this time?!
Are you ready to free your mind from the illusions that block you from living your truth?
Are you ready to bring forth your genius and share your gifts with the world?
In honor and celebration of the powerful astrology of the new lunar year, Venus direct, and Mercury retrograde, AND to support you in the journey to YOUR truth, YOUR power, and YOUR joy, I am happy to announce my latest special offering:
From now through the end of February, when you purchase this limited time package deal, you get:
  • One 2-hour private session of counselling and energy work 
  • Three 90 minute private sessions of energy work
  • The complete Land-Clearing Ceremonies
  • Availability for in-person, or remote via phone or video call sessions
  • A total value of $521 for only $333!
What if you could start stepping into your truth and power NOW, and be ready to hit the ground running when the divine timing of the cosmos is in alignment?

Now is the perfect time to get really clear about who you are, and what your vision is!  That's why I am including the beautiful, highly effective, and permanent Land-Clearing Ceremonies as part of the package, so that not only will you have clarity in your self, but also in your surroundings, so that your home can be a healing sanctuary and a contribution to you in your journey.

The regular price for just the private sessions would be over $400, so it's like getting a great discount on sessions, PLUS the Land-Clearing for free!

Please take a moment to check in with yourself and feel if this would be a contribution to you.  If so, call me for a consultation at 503-548-7691.

Another cool thing:  Although this special DREAM PACKAGE offer will expire on February 28th, you can book the sessions included with your package until the end of March!

This deadline ensures you have plenty of time to schedule, balanced with the importance of having regular and frequent appointments to keep the momentum going!  I highly recommend starting as soon as possible to best take advantage of the planetary influences, but of course, think it through!  (I'm winking at you, Mercury!)

If you're ready to use Mercury retrograde to your best advantage, and ready to say YES to living your truth and your vision, call me at 503-548-7691 for a consultation and to get your DREAMING A NEW YOU PACKAGE for the magical price of $333!

I look forward to witnessing your dreams, visions, and expansion into your most creative and joyful self ever!

In Gratitude & Service,

Monday, January 6, 2014



I'm really excited about this!  I designed this amazing package for in-person clients with the New Year in mind!  If you're really ready to invest in yourself and the change you want to be, I highly recommend this package!

You get:
- an hour intro/counselling session 
- 4 weekly hour-long sessions
- 4 weekly 1/2 hour remote tune-ups between sessions
- 4 weekly drop-in passes to the Clear & Grounded circle
- a total value of $500 (at the 2013 rate)!

All this can be yours for the special New Year price of only $300!  That's a huge savings!  

I really want to help you start shifting out-moded patterns NOW, so this offer is only available through the end of January!  Let's DO THIS!

Are you willing to spend $10 a day to activate your magic?  You probably spend more than that on coffee or parking!  By spending money (one of the most potent energetic tools in the world right now) for your self-development, you create an energetic activation that ripples out into the universe and starts the process of transformation.  

When you commit yourself this way, trust me, things will shift.  Big time.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Happy New Year, Everybody!  Look what we've cooked up for your wellness pleasure:  a low-key and fun weekend retreat on the Washington coast at the sweetest place EVER!
Join yours truly, Tatiana, and my comrade in wellness, Erin Leckenby of Healing Magic of the Future, for a bohemian dream come true at the Sou'Wester Lodge this weekend!  This home to artists in residency, coastal life, historic buildings, and vintage travel trailers, will be ground zero for the healing vortex that will include yoga, tarot, wellness coaching, and energy work from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon.

Here's the deal:

Friday evening in the lodge, come meet your healers!  I will be giving an informal talk on energy work with Q & A.  A great time to pick up some self-care tips and feel into what I can offer you in a private session.

Saturday & Sunday at 10:30 am, it's yoga in the lodge by donation!  I'll be leading a vinyasa-style flow with guided meditation to start your day off right.

Afternoons on Saturday & Sunday, book a private session with me and get help clearing energetic/psychological blocks to health, happiness, clarity, abundance, or whatever no longer serves you.  Erin will be available for private sessions, too, offering her magical mix of wellness coaching and tarot!

BONUS:  Saturday night, live music in the lodge!

How cool would it be to start 2014 with a trip to the coast to soak up some love at the Sou'Wester

To make your reservation at the Sou'Wester, call 360-642-2542.  

To book a private session with me, call 503-548-7691

Happy New Year...and I hope to see you at the coast!