In person or remote by phone or video call!   Includes counseling and/or Tatiana's signature blend of integrated energy medicine:

  • 15 minute phone consultation:  Complimentary
  • 30 minute student consultation:  Complimentary
  • 60 minute session:  75.00  (60 for Lightworker Training students)
  • 90 minute session:  95.00  (75 for LT students)
  • 120 minute session:  125.00  (100 for LT students)
  • Each additional minute (after 120):  1.00/per minute
  • 30 minute remote tune-up (for regular clients):  30.00  (25 for LT students)
  • 60 minute private lesson in energy work:  75.00
  • 60 minute private mentoring session for LT students:  50.00

(The time and energy Tatiana puts into working with her clients extends far beyond the time spent within the boundary of the formal session, including preparation, consultations, prayers, holding energetic space, and an amount of love which is not quantifiable.)

FOR A CONSULTATION OR TO BOOK A SESSION:  Call Tatiana at 503-548-7691

Read some reviews by clients here.

*Discounts possible for elders on fixed incomes & low-income households*

*On a weekly and monthly basis, Tatiana gifts some of her services to members of the community and has established several non-cash exchanges*

*A portion of Tatiana's income is gifted to Mercy Corps, BARK (advocates for Mt. Hood), and various other human rights and environmental groups*

*The studio, Canopy, and Tatiana's home, are powered by Green Source electricity*


For those who are interested in working with me in a deeper way, or on more than one level, may I suggest a pre-paid package?  They're a great deal, financially and energetically!


For those who would like to clear all toxic energies in their space and energy bodies.  Get the land-clearing ceremonies and two 90 minute energy medicine session with me (a value of $301) for $222!


For those who are ready to really dive in deep, to move energy, and shift old patterns, re-emerging as a lighter, more joyous, and radiant self.  Get a one-hour intro session of counselling, plus 8 weekly one-hour sessions of transformational energy medicine with me (a value of $675) for $444!


Are you ready to start exploring energy medicine in a new and profound way?  Are you looking to pick up proven tools and techniques to heal yourself and others using life force energy, also known as chi, ki, or prana?  

More and more people are awakening to possibility.  Are you one of the many discovering your potential and looking for a way to channel your energies?

If so, you may be interested in the Lightworker Training courses!  I will be offering this training, level by level, for those who feel called to the work.  To read a description of all the amazing tools you can learn, check out the Lightworker Training page here.

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